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“Harlow really tailors her work and takes the time to study your hair. She wants to see how you wear your hair, how it moves. She asks the best questions. Harlow is warm and down-to-earth, and I just feel like a good person for knowing her.” 




Harlow believes that true beauty is about helping people feel more like themselves. As an accomplished Balayage Artist and Craft Hair Colorist, Harlow is known for creating sustainable, effortless beauty solutions tailored to each guest. With close to a decade of experience as a licensed cosmetologist, Harlow is a master at creating natural yet dimensional hair artistry.

She co-founded The Hair Collective in 2020 because she wanted to create an eco-friendly experience where her clients could still feel pampered, uplifted and connected to the community. Her shared commitment to learning and growing, both as a professional and a person, sparked the idea behind The Hair Collective—to provide a nurturing environment that supports collaboration, positive relationships and business growth.

As a Virgo, Harlow is ruled by Earth energy, and loves being outside. Her love for nature fuels her passion to invest in clean beauty products that are better for humans and the environment. Her clients love the warm, welcoming environment that Harlow intentionally cultivates in her chair, where they can truly relax and just be themselves.

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