Hi! My name is Emily Cooper. You can call me Emily, Em, Emmy, Coop, Cooper, Beyoncé ... I don’t have a preference!


I'm a Madison, Wisconsin-based independent hair artist that has been using hair as a canvas since 2013.


I don’t like to confine myself to a box when it comes to hair specialties—I like to think my specialties range far and wide. But I must admit, I have fallen madly in love with balayage and enhancing my clients' natural color. I offer a wide range of coloring services, so don’t worry if balayage isn't for you!


Now, painting hair isn’t the only form of art I am passionate about. In fact, barbering makes me equally as excited. Let me say it louder for the people in the back: Men’s hair is RAD!


I pride myself on truly listening to my clients. When you're in my chair, I try to understand exactly what you want and envision, while at the same time lending my professional opinion. I feel extremely blessed to have a clientele that I consider family. Human connection is so important to me and is at the core of my work and practice. Feel free to reach out with any other questions you have. This is me, welcoming you to come join my fam. So come have a seat! I’d be honored to have you.

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